Our Mission

  To Facilitate the Improvement and Sustainability of
  Modern Town Planning Practices and Coherent Road
  Transport Development and Management in Uganda

  Our Vision

  A Uganda with well Planned Towns and Cities with a
  Modern Road Transport System

URSSI is a Not-for-Profit Non Governmental Organization that was established in 2010 to facilitate coherent and timely development and planning of road transport and urban development in Uganda with particular emphasis on roads, municipal planning and sustainable transport management both in rural and urban areas. We champion and promote best practices in international urban development and management. We are at the forefront of supporting Uganda’s towns to grow into well planned urban centers and cities that are pleasant to both the citizens and visitors. A primary responsibility of URSSI is the monitoring of funds and public works on roads and ensuring that government provides quality road sector services to the public.

URSSI also carries out research, advocacy and dissemination of information on issues related to National Road Transport Budget by offering an unbiased look at the how funds are allocated and spent in this sub-sector. We carry out Independent Budget Analysis and promote budget literacy for the public to create awareness about how the money allocated to roads is utilized. We do procurement and performance monitoring by tracking the process and procedures of procurement of roads to ensure transparency in the whole process. We involve communities in road monitoring by availing them with simple-easy to use tools that guide and help them to hold both government and contractors accountable for ongoing and completed works.

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