Our Mission

  To Facilitate the Improvement and Sustainability of
  Modern Town Planning Practices and Coherent Road
  Transport Development and Management in Uganda

  Our Vision

  A Uganda with well Planned Towns and GREEN Cities
 with an efficient and safe Road Transport System

Working to Promote Sustainable Transport & Modern Urban Governance Models in Uganda

URSSI facilitates modern road transport and urban planning practices in Uganda. Founded in 2010, the pioneering NGO in East Africa has distinguished itself as an active institution introducing structured advocacy interpositions that have positively shaped Uganda government intervention in the transport sector.

URSSI promotes transparency and accountability practices in transport sector as well as support measures geared at reforming urban transformation and modern urban planning practices. We have long standing interests in transport infrastructure development and urban transformation and management.

URSSI focuses on policy advocacy and Results Based Development for urban and rural conversion and sustenance. URSSI is interested in national policy change and reform for Uganda urban status, human settlement, transport, environment requirements and urban governance. We support and promote climate change adaptation measures with an overall goal of helping Uganda’s towns and cities grow into sustainable urban areas.

We promote dignified human settlements and coherent physical planning. URSSI has been innovative in searching for working solutions for fairer yet efficient transport, mobility and land use planning measures in Uganda. We work closely with different actors to deliver our mandate with the interests of citizens at the heart
of our every activity.

In a space of less than one month up to 50 people have been killed in road accidents, mainly on Kampala- Masaka Road. Road accidents are caused by many factors but a few stand out. Reckless driving comes on top. Second is poorly designed roads with sharp bends and corners and narrow roads with hardly any space for maneuvering, bodabodas and pedestrians.

Third is road side markets and trading. People have turned roads into markets as authorities are watching. Highways are meant for fast moving vehicles. They are thus supposed to be kept clear of any activity. In our case people carry out all kinds of business on or close to the road.

Lastly the road agency must start constructing "Forgiving Roads". What this means is that road designers must know that human being are "stupid animals" who make irrational decisions. Roads must thus be designed to protect even the most stupid human beings. In the meantime Drive Safely!

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